Council hears car wash update

wyomingThe Wyoming City Council held their January meeting on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at City Hall.  The mayor and all alderpersons were in attendance.
Mike Rumbold gave a report on the status of the car wash and laundromat.  Many upgrades and cleaning have been done.  The car wash now has new equipment and is winterized to operate at temperatures above 20 degrees F.  It will be shut down when colder.  Mike discussed the thorough cleaning and equipment upgrades in both facilities.
Mr. Rumbold’s other objective was to see if there is any quantity financial breaks on high water usage.  The City of Wyoming said via contractual agreements on water upgrades, there is not.  Both the City and Mike discussed possible TIF monies to help offset this cost.  Mr. Rumbold stated that water is the big cost and it is his intent to keep the rates as low as possible.  The city is investigating some possible TIF funds over a specified number of years, similar to what they have done with other businesses.  A decision is expected at next month’s meeting.
The council approved a new employee’s policy presented last month.
Denny Rewerts of Stark County Economic Development gave a brief report on the Henry/Stark Fast Pitch program of local businesses competing with a business plan for funding.  Denny also stated, as an FYI, that the windmill folks paid landowners last year approximately $5M.  He hastily added that most of the windmills are in Marshall County though.
Mayor Maher reminded Dave Wright of Burke Engineering to be fully prepared for a meeting with State of Illinois and a representative of Aaron Shock’s office to discuss and hopefully lead to a satisfactory decision on the sidewalk program.  This program is being contested by IDOT and the State Attorney’s office on placement of the new street lights.  This is a significant meeting, being the only one thus far with all parties attending.  Mr. Wright, in conjunction with Wyoming Street Department, is still seeking some warranty work on the depth of some of the new water mains.  Some were found to be shallow and the contractor is supposed to resolve.  Final payment is being withheld until these discrepancies are resolved.
Mayor Maher reported that it now appears that insurance companies can withhold some funds when a fire destroys a building.  Those funds are to be earmarked for cleanup and or removal of the remains per the city’s approval.  Once that is done to satisfaction, the remaining funds are to be issued.  Obviously, whether a new law or a new method, this new plan is applauded by all.