Farming Matters

By Anna Emm
Stark County Farm Bureau Manager

The kids are out of school and the weather is changing. It’s finally turning into baseball season. Last week I found myself at a St. Louis Cardinals game, which was a part of the managers outing for the area. Just a side note, the Cardinals are not my favorite team (I’m more of a White Sox type of girl), but I’m happy to support the team and see St. Louis. I can’t help but wonder how does a baseball game relate to agriculture and why would a bunch of managers chose to go to a baseball game for educational reasons?

Granted we did go to the Monsanto Research Center for a tour and then headed over to the St. Louis Science Center. Illinois Farm Bureau helped to build the GROW exhibit at the museum.

Anyhow… How does baseball relate to agriculture? Well, a baseball is made of yarn and then covered with horse or cowhide. A cow can also produce over 500 baseballs with its hide. There are 150 yards of yarn in the baseball. The yarn is wrapped around the core of the baseball to make the ball less bouncy. Sheep produce anywhere from 2-30 pounds of wool a year. One pound of yarn produces 560 yards of yarn. So if I were to do the quick math, a sheep can produce 3 to 100 baseballs a year! It is probably a good thing a sheep can produce so many baseballs a year since the professionals use 65 balls a game. That’s just the professionals, it’s not counting the kids in the Sandlot going after the beast for the Babe Ruth ball.

I guess it just goes to show you almost any activity can be related back to agriculture.

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