Wy-Hi hibernation nears end

Wonder what has been happening with the forthcoming Stark County Wy-Hi Community Center?  Just like that big ole bear, hibaernation is coming to a close and efforts are now surfacing as to what needs to be done and the order in which to do so.
We have had a major catch-22 during the winter.  We couldn’t have any water until we got some heat.  We couldn’t have heat until we got some water for the boilers.  A new water reservoir tank is nearly completed for the boilers so we can now get water to fire up the boilers for heat.  Obviously this was not a warm or friendly winter to deal with.  
In the meantime, volunteers have cleaned up a lot of trash and the building is beginning to look like it had in the past.  However the next step requires water for heat, clean up and even a bathroom.  Since the water had been shut off and drained, this presented some possibly negative scenarios.  With no water and air now filling pipes, how much corrosion took place?  With the weather now beginning to get warmer, we expect to do so soon.
Plumbing and electrical has always been the major concern in restoring the building to an operational basis for a community center.  These projects are the immediate thrust of fund raising.  With a building with a replacement value of over $1,000,000 the plumbing and electrical costs are miniscule in the overall plans.
Beginning in the next few weeks a fund raising campaign will begin with a letter to all Stark County residents asking for donations to complete the building which will host many activities for all Stark Countians.  Various donation amounts are available and different levels of giving earn different levels of acknowledgements.  Smaller donations may be categorized as Freshmen with the larger amounts as Seniors.  However you may give each year advancing a class each year until you’re a senior.  Pledges for certain amounts over 3 years will be accepted.  Lastly, you can buy an entire room which will be named after the donor.
The goal is to provide funds to not only rehab the building, but to equip it for utilization.  This will be a Stark County resident Community Center with a host of activities, events, and a fun place to visit.  Banquets, reunions and various meetings can be held with adequate facilities while affordable.
When you get your envelope, read all the advantages and open your heart and wallet for this very worthwhile endeavor.   The Community Center will serve everyone and will do so without any government involvement.  This could very well be one of the most exciting endeavors for all of Stark County.

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