Slightly fewer fires in 2010 across the county

graph2Two thousand and ten saw emergency numbers very similar to those in 2009 across the entire county and the various fire and emergency departments.
All except Wyoming Fire Department, saw a slight decrease in actual fires. They saw a miniscule rise from 19 to 21. “Fires” include any call where smoke or actual flames are involved, regardless of the intensity.
The other major section of calls for the fire departments was EMS calls, which include car accidents, first responder actions and assisting an ambulance. Those numbers remained steady from 2009 to 2010, for Bradford, LaFayette and Toulon.  However, Wyoming, with their increased role and participation as first responders, increased their call volume from 37 to 69. Already for the 2011 year, Wyoming has had 25 EMS calls.
In all, fire departments across the county responded to 339 situations in 2010, although some were shared mutual aid situations.
From the Sheriff’s Department, 187 crash numbers were issued for motor vehicle incidents. That’s down just six from the previous year.

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