Toulon’s garbage rates to increase in August

Water and trash discussions, public hearing before land swap

By Jason Musselman
[email protected]

The Toulon City Council voted to raise garbage rates from $12 to $13.30, after last month’s discussions about how the City is currently losing money on trash service.

The contract with PDC was charging the City of Toulon more than the city was passing on to the customers. Mayor Larry Hollis said at the June meeting that garbage service didn’t need to make money, but it also should not be subsidized by the city.

The raise will cover the contract rate charged per customer and will go in to effect in August for the bill due in September..In a related matter, the city’s new ban on trash dumping at the city sewer treatment plant seems to be working. A large dumpster that was being over used was removed July 1.

Residents are reminded that there will now be two large item pickups per year and dumping at the city sewer treatment building is not allowed.

An ordinance strictly prohibiting the illegal dumping was discussed, but wording needs to be modified according to Mayor Hollis. Currently only landscape yard waste is allowed and indications are it will continue to be allowed; however, that does not include anything else that is burnable, only yard waste.

The city engineering firm, Farnsworth Group, says it’ll cost about $2,500 for them to obtain accurate measurements for the city’s water tower. The measurements will allow the sensors to be recalibrated. Currently the “full” sensor indicates such at a level seven feet below the overflow pipe, leaving the tower hundreds of gallons short.

A water pump also had to be repaired this week. A drive for one of the city’s two pumps may have been damaged in power surges. The $3,800 price tag to repair it will be turned in to insurance and the well should be pumping again this week.

The city had hoped to vote on a land swap deal with Terry Warren in the Toulon Ridge subdivision, but a state statute says a public hearing must first be held. Warren owned a lot the city would like to use for a baseball concession stand and in exchange for that lot they would give him another lot in an equal trade. The public hearing will be set for the August meeting.

It was reported that a new street light at the entrance to that subdivision would cost the city $2,500, payable to Ameren. No action was taken.

The council did approve up to $3,500 on tree removal and trim service. City Superintendent Mike Richardson said there are eight trees that may need to be removed and five that need trimming. All the trees are on the city’s right-a-way and therefore their responsibility.

Finally the council approved letting for bids an old red truck and plow in as-is condition. They also approved a TIF request from Mike DeWitte for $1,000, or 50% of costs, to repaint the laundromat.

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