Local county, city officials attend legislative seminar

countyA program sponsored by the Stark County Economic Development Partnership was presented June 27 to approximately 25 individuals involved in local government at Shallowbrook Farm in Bradford.  Topics covered were Illinois’ freedom of information, open meetings, and prevailing wage acts.  Presenters were Messrs. Andrew Keyt, John Redlingshafer, and Tim Bertschy from the law firm of Heyl, Royster, Voelker and Allen.
Among the attendees were State Representative David Leitch, Linda Daley, Colleen Callahan, and Nate Hurn, as well as county board representatives, city/village board members, and elected county officials.  The 3 areas of presentation stressed current and new legislation which possibly will affect these acts as of January 2012.
Mr. Redlingshafer stated “Compliance is important” for these acts, especially the freedom of information act 5 ILCS 140.  Bills 1670 and 1716 are the new legislation introduced covering F.O.I. and the open meetings acts.  In the F.O.I., every public body must designate or appoint a person responsible to answer or address requests for information.
The open meetings act, under 5 ILCS 120/2.06 states that there is a right to speak at public meetings by individuals for as long as that person wants to speak (within reason) and is subject to local rules and regulations, as one of its’ covered areas.
The prevailing wage act concentrates mainly on vendors, contractors, subcontractors who are, for example, hired to provide a service for a city government and establishes a wage rate usually determined by the Dept. of Labor.

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