Wyoming woman jailed for multiple driving violations

By John A. Ballentine

A Wyoming woman was sent to jail Friday by Circuit Judge Thomas A. Keith due to the fact that she has been charged with multiple driving on a revoked and suspended driver’s license offenses. Each of the three charges of driving on a revoked/suspended license is a Class 4 felony.

Kimberly Joy Strong, 35, was in Stark County Circuit Court Friday, December 8 for case reviews and one notice to appear. Strong is represented by Stark County public defender Robert M. McBride.

Keith stated, “I have some really deep concerns with this. Ms. Strong won’t stop driving on a suspended or a revoked license. What if she has an accident, hits someone and doesn’t have insurance? I have to stop her from driving.”

Strong was then informed by Keith that she was to be incarcerated in the Stark County jail. Her bond has been set at $2,500 with 10% to apply. Strong has said that she was driving in order to take her children to various educational functions.

Strong’s criminal history shows two more driving on a suspended or revoked license charges from Peoria County, plus multiple traffic offenses such as speeding and failure to secure a child in a restraint. That totals five times Strong has been arrested for the charge of driving on a revoked or suspended license over the years.

The next appearance for Strong in court is scheduled for January 19, 2018 for preliminary hearings on her charges.

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