LaFayette couple has bond reduced in neglect case

By John A. Ballentine
[email protected]

Circuit Judge Thomas A. Keith has reduced the bonds required of each defendant Barbara J. and Dean P. Simoneaux at a Tuesday, December 19 Marshall County Circuit Court setting. Keith initially established a $500,000 bond on each defendant. Through petition motions from their separate public defenders, now that bond is reduced to $50,000 apiece, with 10% to apply, or $5,000 each.

J. Thomas Sheets, of Princeville, is Barbara J. Simoneaux’s public defender, while Patrick Murphy, of Marshall County, is Dean P. Simoneaux’s public defender. Each at torney requested the bond reduction for their individual clients.

Sheets wrote in his motion for bond reduction that Barbara J. Simoneaux, 45, does not have a criminal history, “has substantial ties to the Stark County area,” and that the half-million dollar bond “is excessive.”

Murphy wrote in his bond motion that Dean P. Simoneaux, 61, “would not be a flight risk in view of his ties to the locality,” his family lives in the locality, and he has “never been charged with escape.”

The Simoneauxs are ordered to have “absolutely no contact” with their three other children. They are alleged to have caused the death of Marion J. Reynolds, their 22-year-old dependent daughter by failing to provide adequate nutrition and food.

The Simoneauxs were also charged with providing an unsafe environment at home that was “infested with insects including fleas and flies.” Also, the house they rented at 101 Washington Street, in LaFayette, was “filled with dry clutter and household garbage throughout the home.” There were “dated and recent animal feces, with maggots covering food in the food preparation and storage area of the kitchen, and inadequate disposal of water and human waste.”

The Simoneauxs have pled not guilty and each has a jury trial scheduled for March 5, 2018. Dean Simoneaux had a December 22 appearance scheduled for court but that date was cancelled and rescheduled later, while Barbara Simoneaux is scheduled for a court appearance on January 19, 2018.

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