LaFayette to receive 911 addressing

By John A. Ballentine
[email protected]

LaFayette residents will be receiving new addresses from rural routes to 911 addresses according to project manager, Jason Musselman. Also, incorrect addressing will be corrected for the village. House numbers will be changing so that emergency responders, or delivery drivers, know where someone actually lives.

For example, 110 West Main Street will become 607 West Main Street. According to Musselman, new addressing is determined by starting in the southwest corner of LaFayette’s village boundaries and travels north and east. There are eight blocks of the village that run south to north and six blocks, which run west to east.

The front door of a residence determines a residence’s block number, such as 300 or 400 – and lots determine the physical house number, such as 301 or 407.

Once the project has been completed with updating of who actually lives in a residence they will be given a new address number, then that new number will be assigned to the residence. People will need to begin using the new address in order to receive proper emergency service and delivery service.

LaFayette will then be compatible with the remainder of the county, which has previously completed this 911 addressing.

Errors in present addressing will be corrected.

Musselman suggested that the board of trustees send out letters to residents informing them of their new addresses and for contacting the village if a resident believes the new address is incorrect.

The other action item on the agenda was the signing by board trustees of papers concerning conflict of interest.

Trustees present were Bethany Peterson, Larry Townsend, Chris Smith and Clarence Wagher. Absent were Rick Shipman and Vicki McRell. The next monthly meeting is scheduled for March 5 at 6 p.m. at the village hall building.

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