Wyoming council hears dump complaint

wyoming175signThe Wyoming City Council held its September monthly meeting at City Hall last Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011.  All council members were present.
Ron Roach representing Roach & Family Septic Service addressed the Council in regards to re-instating his privilege to dump waste at the city waste treatment plant.  This request was denied previously so Mr. Roach stated it was costing his firm a lot of money to drive past the Wyoming facility while transporting waste to either Kewanee or Peoria.  
Mr. Roach felt he was being discriminated against as a local Wyoming firm was being allowed to dump there.  The Mayor again denied the request based on previous dealings. ‘Its just too much hassle’ stated the Mayor.  After some rather heated discussion, the decision remained the same, denial of service.
A report by Dennis Rewerts, of SCED, gave a report on the status of the upcoming 175th Wyoming birthday.  He requested a check to cover paint of the proposed mural on the side of the Pin Cushion building.  The request had been approved last month but funds are needed to secure supplies so work can begin and end prior to the Oct. 1 2011 event.  Request was granted.
City Engineer David Wright from Christopher Burke Engineering requested final payment for the new water meter project.  Previously this was on hold until some warranty issues were resolved.  Those issues were resolved and acknowledged by the council, so payment is to be made.
Bids were opened for the Used 1992 Case Backhoe.  Only two bids were submitted and both were below expectations, so any awarding was cancelled.  The Mayor stated that the backhoe could be used elsewhere in the city better than the low amount offered.  Some stated the scrap metal price might even be higher.
A warranty problem still persists with Denton Guenther Underground and as such the city continues to withhold funds from final payment.  In addition, the city will repair street damage from their work and charge against balance owed as per the original agreement.

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