County Watch—Dick; Graham; Carolyn; plants; Jason

county_watchPopular Bradford farmer Dick Elliott recently celebrated his 80th birthday. Over the past weekend Dick fell eight feet off a combine and was life-flighted to Peoria where he was found to have two broken vertebrae. (I am still trying to find out which hospital at press time, but probably OSF St. Francis.)
Graham Franklin, 98, of Toulon, fell at the Stark County football game this past Friday and broke his hip. The damaged hip has been replaced with a new ball joint, according to Lavon Franklin.  Graham still drives and regularly attends the high school football and basketball games.
For decades, Graham was a janitor at the old Toulon and Toulon-LaFayette High Schools.  I can still see Graham and fellow janitor George Bort cleaning the basketball court at half-time with dry mops.  They would go up and down the basketball court in unison, side-by-side.
On the sidelines, we young smart alecks treated it as a race between the two mop-wielders.  If one janitor inched ahead of the other, we would cheer and applaud, urging him on, as if he were winning the “race.”  It was all in good fun and everyone chuckled, including Graham and George.
Carolyn Foglesong’s canned goods are always a big feature at the Toulon segment of the Stark County Fall Festival and Drive.  As I helped at the Lion’s Club sandwich sale across the street from her stand in the courthouse lawn, I was deeply disappointed about noon-time to learn that by 9:30 that morning all her corn relish and pickled beets had been sold out.
Nevertheless, I was able to rush over and buy several jars of bread-and-butter pickles, which are fit for the gods.
Someone heard the rumor that the City of Toulon had to pay for the prairie plants that were set out by scores of high school students and local residents more than a week ago.
In fact, the 2,500 plants were provided free of charge by the Illinois Department of Transportation, and indeed the plants are set out on state-owned right-of-way.
I am falling behind technologically.  I don’t have a smart phone with all its applications nor a tablet computer, which apparently does the same things as the phone, but is not itself a phone.
I need some education and training in order to keep up with my savvy friends.  And who better to provide the training, I think to myself, than Jason Musselman, our News technophile, who is way ahead on all the technology that is transforming our lives.
So I wonder about a tech training class, where a number of us together could learn how to use the devices and have our questions answered.
Would you be interested in such a class?  If so, several of us could form one and become tech wizards.  We would want to pay Jason something for his high tech talent, of course.  If interested, email me at [email protected]

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