Wyoming water tower dedication

wyomingA group of dignitaries gathered during Wyoming’s 175th Birthday Celebration to dedicate the new water tower and system installed in Wyoming over the past couple of years.  Mayor Pat Maher welcomed those in attendance and stated that “this is a project that took the dedication of many and will benefit the citizens of Wyoming for many years”.  He said that this project would not have been possible for a small community like Wyoming without the assistance of the USDA.   He added that “because of the patience of the citizens of Wyoming, we now have a better system in place, our fire protection code has improved and many citizens are now starting to see that improvement in reduced homeowner insurance rates”.
Maher then introduced Colleen Callahan, the USDA Illinois State Director for Rural Development.  She also mentioned the dedication and determination that it takes to put such a project together.  She stated that “not all communities see the wisdom of such a development and how it will improve things for the future”.  Duane Smith, a Rural Development Specialist with the USDA said that many thanks must go to Judy St. John, the Wyoming City Clerk.  The grants and loans from the USDA come with a lot of paperwork and he praised St. John for her efficiency in moving all of that paperwork along.
Wyoming Alderman Sally Pepper, who was the mayor when the process started pointed out that the city was at one time losing 51% of the water after it went through the water plant.  She stated that “this will benefit the citizens of Wyoming for generations to come”.  Carol Merna, US Congressman Aaron Schocks District Chief of Staff, said that it is great that so many people took the effort to attend the meetings necessary to make such a project happen.  She stated that “it takes a dedicated group to take on such a large project”.
Illinois Representative Don Moffitt was also in attendance and praised the community for its investment in the community and its future.  Because of the commitment of the citizens, the mayor and the council, Wyoming now has double the fire hydrants it used to, they all have good pressure and it is a safer community because of it and is reflected in the fire rating being improved from an 8 to a 5.  He added, “this is a perfect example of many units of government working together to help people do what they can’t on their own” referring to how such a large project would be impossible for a small community to take on with its own resources.

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