Bradford requested to rejoin Economic Development

bradfordThe Bradford Village council was asked Wednesday evening, Oct. 12, by Director Dennis Rewerts to rejoin the Stark County Economic Development Partnership (SCEDP) after Bradford had opted out of the SCEDP approximately one year ago.  The reason given a year ago for discontinuing membership was that the Bradford council did not believe the cost was effective in providing any positive return as far as new business development within the community was concerned.
Rewerts explained to the board that, “It takes time to develop a new business in the preliminary stages.” For example, nine years were spent until one new business finally was operational in Bradford.  Although not the norm, usually it requires several years to nourish a new business to fruition.  The cost of membership per community is based upon population and Bradford’s fee would equal approximately $3,000 per year, compared to $6,000 each for Toulon and Wyoming.
In a legal issue, the Village of Bradford has received a request for final payment from contractor J.C. Dillon, Inc. for completion of the West Main water main improvement project.  The project award date was Jan. 3, 2011 and proceed date notice was April 4, 2011. Dillon began construction on April 28TH.  The contract deadline for substantial completion had been set for May 26, with an extension granted to June 14, 2011.  Actual completion date by Dillon was September 10, 2011 nearly three months over the deadline.
A penalty of $800 per day of project overrun is enforceable via the signed contract and places that penalty at approximately $64,000 in damages upon Dillon.  Snarr Griffin & Associates, Inc. (SGA) was contracted to perform construction inspection services for the Village of Bradford and Senior Engineer Mr. Judd Griffin of SGA addressed the Village council with a list of project timeline concerns and that Dillon has exaggerated its costs in attempting to recoup the $800 per day penalties.
The board has set this year’s Village Trick-or-Treat hours from 5-8 p.m. on Halloween, Monday October 31st.  Vehicle drivers are requested to be observant of children out and about collecting those treats.
In other Village business, Bradford has been selected to receive a Governor’s Hometown Award, which includes a sign and plaque of commemoration.  Additionally other business included approval by the council of the Policy & Procedures for the police department and cellular phones for the enforcement officers.
The Christmas Walk this year has been moved on the calendar from November to the first Saturday in December (3rd) and more than likely will become permanent on the first December weekend in the future.
The burn site near the cemetery was discussed by the council and what is acceptable for burning.  Also, only Village employees are to be responsible for the burning and no one else is to burn at the site.

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