Toulon approves “Little Free Library” for park and rock for Sylvan Street

By Jason Musselman
[email protected]

The City of Toulon will soon have its own “Little Free Library” thanks to local Brownie Troop 4527.

Nicole Mercer, on behalf of the troop, asked the city’s permission on Monday night to install the project, which has been constructed and painted by the Brownies. The box sets on top of a mailbox post and allows for books to be taken and left, all free of charge.

The Brownies offered to plant flowers around it and maintain the appearance of the library. The council approved the request and will work to find the best location at the park for the new feature.

Also approved was the purchase of 66 tons of gravel for one of the lesser known streets in Toulon, Sylvan Street. The street, located north of W. Clinton Street, extends to a property purchased by Daniel and Kendra Steelman and is a city street that has not been recently maintained.

The cost of the gravel will be $913 including trucking. To date, with about a month left in the city’s fiscal year, the street’s budget is only 56% expended.

The council also discussed the cul de sac at the end of Mohawk Road in the Arrowhead Subdivision. The cul de sac extends to the residence of Art and Rosie Whittaker and the pavement is deteriorating. City employees will explore the base using cores and determine the costs and needs to fix the eroding surface.

One persistent topic, the cost for cemetery closings, was once again on the agenda after discussion in February and March. Mayor Larry Hollis discovered an ordinance from 1999 setting the fee for an opening at $375 for Monday through Friday and $435 for the weekend. The city is charged $450 from Wyoming Monument to open a grave and the city charges $100 to close the grave.

That total price of $550 is billed to the funeral home. In February the council voted to increase the total fee by $50, on confusion over what

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