Toulon town meeting Wednesday critical for future of grocery store


“The town meeting will be critical to guiding our future efforts to find a store operator,” declared John Leezer, member of an investment group that owns the Toulon grocery store building. “If people want a store and will support it, I am confident we can find an operator.”

A town meeting on the store is scheduled for Wednesday, August 26 at the News Room Bistro at 7 p.m.

Local investors in Stark County Ventures met Thursday to discuss the future of the grocery store, which closed several weeks ago.

Investors heard that the store needs to gross about $1500 a day on average to make it.  That works out to 100 customers ringing up $15 each, or 50 customers at $30 a day.

Toulon has 500-plus households, and grocery store customers also came from outside the city.

If you are interested in seeing a grocery store in Toulon, please attend the meeting this Wednesday at 7 at the News Room Bistro.

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