Wyoming makes donation to “Toys for Tots” for local residents

wyomingThe Wyoming, Illinois City Council met Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at City Hall, located at 108 E. Williams, in a regular session.  Mayor Pat Maher called the council meeting to order at 6:37 p.m.
Bebe Groter requested a donation for “Toys for Tots.” She said last year they served 23 families and 46 kids in Wyoming and the Speer area. She told of all the ways the money is used as in a Milk Program for children at the Grade School, lunches, clothes, etc. The consensus of the council was that this program serves a great need in the community. Therefore, the motion was made by Ald. Rumbold to donate $2,000 to the program.
City Engineer Dave Wright, from Christopher Burke Engineering, was absent and will have the MFT paperwork ready for the December Meeting.
City Attorney Bruce Fehrenbacher reminded the council that next month we will have to pass the Annual Tax Levy Ordinance.
Joe Beck, City Superintendent submitted his report to the council. He discussed getting a Snow Pusher to attach to the backhoe and it’s advantages moving snow especially downtown. It was also discussed using it on alleys in the summer. The lead-time is four weeks at a cost of $4,645.00. The motion was made by Ald. Hardy to purchase the Snow Pusher from Bonnell. The motion was carried.
Chief of Police Steve Sloan submitted his report. Ald. Carroll commended him on his handling of an issue at the Football Field Saturday, during the playoff.
The council discussed the new parade route for Moonlight Madness. Dan Shockey of the Chamber of Commerce is handling the Resolution for Temporary Closure of a State-Maintained Roadway, for this event.
The council looked at the pricing on trees to be used on the Trees Forever Project as the City received $3000 in matching grant money. One condition of the grant is the trees must be planted this fall and we just received notification of the grant being awarded on November 1st.  The City Clerk submitted pricing and availability from three nurseries. After much discussion the motion was made by Ald. Hardy to purchase $3,065.50 worth of trees according to the City’s tree list.  Tree Forever Committee member Kay Ingels will review the aerial pictures of the City to help determine the placement of the Trees per the conditions of the Grant as they must be placed on City’s property or public areas as in Parks and Schools. A program summary report will need to be submitted within 60 days of planting.
The council reviewed the resignation letter from the City Treasurer Wendy Germany. Which states that due to her working  full time elsewhere and a very busy personnel life, she is unable to give the treasurer’s job the time it requires. The council discussed offering the job to Kathy Carter who has been helping the City Clerk. Mayor Maher will offer the job to her. If she decides to take it, she can be sworn in at next month’s meeting, but can start training on the job ASAP as Wendy’s last day is December 2.  

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