Bradford Board agrees to 3-year teachers’ contract

By John A. Ballentine
[email protected]

A three-year contract with Bradford teachers has been approved by the Bradford School Board during Tuesday’s, April 17, meeting. It was announced after a closed session of the board. The contract is for the 2019-2021 school years with the Bradford Education Organization, which previously agreed to accept the three-year deal.

Changes in the new three-year contract call for a $1,200 base salary increase for 2018-19; $1,100 increase for 2019-2020; and $900 increase for the 2020-21 school year. There were a few minor changes in some contract language, plus increases to some of the coaches/extra-curricular stipends.

In addition to the contract, the board approved the resignation of fourth grade teacher Paige Yarger, with regret; rehired Tanner Vershaw for summer help at $9 per hour; approved a one-year extension for District RTI Special Education coordinator Marie Horrie; approved a two percent salary increase for all non-certified staff members for the upcoming school year; and approved a three-year contract extension for Bradford School Superintendent Chad Gripp with a two-percent increase in salary for each year.

Summer 2018 projects were mostly maintenance related items. There will be speakers installed in the gymnasium; locker and bathroom painting; new chairs and shelves; mulch added to the fitness center; potholes filled; hallway lights replaced and several more projects to be completed.

The board also read bread, milk and fuel bids. Hamburger and hotdog buns will cost $11.30 per case; plus bread is $14.90 per case from Kohl Wholesale; milk from Prairie Farms is 1% ½ pint white at $.245 while fat free chocolate milk is $.261 per ½ pint; Purtscher Oil Company will supply gasoline at $1.87 and diesel at $1.699. Approval of bids is expected next month.

Superintendent Gripp stated, “The new fees for the 2018-19 school year are not changing from the previous year. K through eighth registration is $35, K-8 breakfast is $1, K-4 lunch is $1.50, while 5-8 lunch will cost $1.75. Milk will be 30¢, P.E. uniforms are $16 and a locker deposit for 6-8 is $25.”
Approval was made for the $295 membership fee for the IESA (Illinois Elementary School Association). The membership allows Bradford school athletes to participate in State competitions.

Employee health insurance for the upcoming school year was discussed. There will be a 6.35% cost increase with “Option 1” as the best option available. Discussion will continue in May and June.

A Title Grant of $15,000 has been received and is earmarked for use toward the curriculum. Also, SRSA (Small Rural School Achievement) is still pending. It would be utilized to purchase material for students to use.

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