Bradford Athletic Banquet

The 2018 Bradford Athletic Banquet was held on Thursday, May 3 in the Grade School Gym. Awards were given out from all the extra-curricular activities and the Track 8th graders were honored.

Girls basketball: Keagan Hamilton-Most Improved, Morgan Coleman-Most Valuable, Coach Liggett, Erika Bailey-Coaches Award. Hannah Talley-Panther Hustle-was not pictured.
Boys basketball: Sam Rouse-Coaches Award, Coach Mata, Jordan McCauley-Most Valuable, Connor Scott-Most Improved, Patrick Durbin-Panther Hustle was not pictured.


Volleyball: Morgan Coleman-Most Valuable, Erika Bailey- Panther Hustle, Coach Fraizer, Lily TerBush-Coaches Award, Hannah Talley-Most Improved was not pictured.

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