Stark 100 makes numerous staff, sponsor and coaching changes

By Jason Musselman
[email protected]

The Stark County CUSD #100 school board accepted ten staff/sponsor/coach resignations and employed several more at their regular meeting Monday night.

Following an extended executive session, the board voted to accept the resignations of the following: Jamie D’Amico (Kindergarten), Lori Knowles (Title I Language Arts), James Melton (bus driver), Todd Durham (JH softball coach), Nicole Irving (JH cheer coach), Chelsea Hendrick (HS cheer coach), Missy Smith (lunchroom supervisor), Taylour Birkett (JH parapro), and Karen Scott (ES parapro).

They also accepted the planned retirement of custodian Rod Williams effective Nov. 27, 2018.

To help fill in some of those spots, the board then voted to employ the following: Lauren Coyle (HS English and scholastic bowl coach), Heather Brand (3rd grade), Courtney Kunkel (Kindergarten), Kevin Wise (JH softball coach), Molly Carlton (HS cheer sponsor), and Jackie Colgan (HS musical co-director).

In addition, three reassignments of duties were approved: Jill Klooster to Title I Language Arts teacher, Jake Lowery from JH boys basketball to asst. HS basketball coach, and Bob Bohm from asst. HS girls basketball coach to JH girls basketball coach. All other coaches and sponsors from the concluding school year were re-employed for fiscal year 2019. The complete list follows:

Athletic Director – S. Paxson

Head Football –  J. Noard

Asst Football –  D. Browning, S. Paxson, J. Noard, L. Dennison

Head Volleyball – A. Wise

Asst Volleyball – L. Hood

Head Golf – J. Langdon

Head B Basketball – D. Browning

Asst B Basketball – J. Lowery, J. Langdon

Head G Basketball – S. Paxson

Asst G Basketball – D. Wallace

Head Cheerleading – M. Carlton

Head Softball – A. Wise

Asst Softball – K. Wise

Head B Track – B. Frey

Head G Track – T. Carstens

Head Baseball  – S. Paxson

Asst Baseball – L. Dennison, T. Giesenhagen

Speech – L. Hood

Weight Training – J. Noard

Yearbook – P. Wilkinson

Rebel Reporter – P. Wilkinson

Scholastic Bowl – L. Coyle

Musical Play Director – S. Colgan

Musical Art Director – L. Jacobs

Musical Music Director – A. Roark

Asst Musical Director – T. Forlines

Vocal Director (6-12) – A. Roark

HS/Elem Band Director –  B. Macke

FFA – J. Andress

FCCLA – J. Krowlek

Student Council – A. Krabill

Asst Student Council – J. Krowlek

Class Advisor – E. Chapman – FR, T. Derham – FR, K. Clifford – SO, J. Lowery – SO, P. Wilkinson – JR, R. Whichter – JR, P. Wilkinson -SR, J. Andress – SR.

Prom Advisor – P. Wilkinson, C. Daum

National Honor Society – A. Olson


Baseball – P. Keane

Softball – K. Wise

Volleyball – K. Whittle, K. Steelman

B Basketball – 8th Grade – NA., 7th Grade – A. Curry

G Basketball – 8th Grade – T. Carstens, 7th Grade – B. Bohm

Cheerleading – NA

Track – J. England

Asst. Track – J. Lowery

Scholastic Bowl – M. Smith

Stark Smart – D. Ford, C. – Stoner

Band Director – A. Roark

Student Council – C. King

In other business, the board voted to approve a concrete bid from Bob Price for the football field shed base and 107’ of sidewalk at the Stark County Elementary School. The bid include $4,744 for the pad and $2,568 for the sidewalk. With several upgrades, the shed will now cost about $9,800, which is still below initial estimates. A quote from Dan Berchtold for $2,500 to reseal and restripe the elementary school parking lot was also approved.

Several changes for the student handbook were given a first reading. Two of the major changes involves extending the allowable time a student can be late to school before an automatic detention from 5 to 10 minutes. Additionally, it’s proposed the detention period be shortened from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.

Finally, John Leezer of Leezer Agency was on hand to present the insurance renewal plan for the district, effective July 1, 2018. Overall, the premium will decrease from $127,296 last year to $124,447 this year, due mainly to an experience modification factor.

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