LaFayette appropriates $3,500 for library

By John A. Ballentine
[email protected]

The LaFayette board of trustees followed Village President Greg Bartley’s suggestion that $3,500 be appropriated to the Ira C. Reed Library this year. The question was whether or not to pay the entire amount or pay in two installments. The board elected to pay the entire amount in one lump sum.

Other appropriations remained the same with the exception in the general fund to deduct $5,000 from the truck loan fund, which has been paid off for several months now. The $5,000 was redirected to the equipment repair fund to aid in paying for the snowplow truck’s repairs that are currently pending. The truck is utilized mainly for snowplowing.

Bids to repair the snowplow truck have been received from Bill’s Repair, of Kewanee, for $2,868 and also from Tank’s Auto Body, also of Kewanee, for $4,804. Trustee Chris Smith requested that the truck have a third bid from Anderson’s, of Galva. The board agreed to wait until Anderson’s bid could be received, before deciding which bid to accept.

Additionally with appropriations, $4,000 was deducted from the aerator bank loan fund, which the loan has been paid off, and placed that amount into the improvements fund. This was under the water department.

Appropriations are monies budgeted and used for the different funds in order to run the village’s business. The total amount of income for the village is designated to various funds within the budget.

Under an agenda item described as “water and drainage”, the board approved setting up a fund for contractor Dean Rosebecke in order to do various repairs for the Village of LaFayette. The fund is allocated for $1,500 and if any repair exceeds that amount, then board approval will be required. Rosebecke was also directed to drain the area west of South Timber Street by turning the culvert located there into a drainage ditch. The water flowing into that area will be redirected is the idea, so that there is no longer standing water in that area.

Discussed, but tabled, were agenda items concerning donations for a new scoreboard at the Park District, and also the LaFayette address change update. The cost of a new scoreboard at the Park District baseball field is estimated to be $2,000. Trustee Bethany Peterson has been spearheading this item, but was absent at the meeting.

The address change update that is for 911 addressing was tabled because Lorrie Woith, Village Treasurer, was also absent from Monday evening’s meeting. Addressing within LaFayette will change for residents who currently have a rural route address. They will be assigned a street name and number once the addressing item is completed. The addressing will aid first responders in locating someone more easily with a street name and number assigned to a residence. This also affects the Post Office in delivering mail.

Bids will be sought for the removal of two trees located on village property at the Park District. An ad will be placed in The Prairie Shopper requesting bids.

Donations have been received for the playground equipment fund. A $5,000 anonymous donation for the purpose of purchasing playground equipment for the Village’s Park has been received recently. Also, Rumbold & Kuhn has donated $200. Donations for the playground equipment fund now tops $10,000.

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