Reading Can Take You Anywhere

By Angie Stange

This year’s Summer Reading theme is “Reading Can Take You Anywhere!” Mrs. Tosca Krider, coordinator of this summer’s reading program, is incorporating a different smaller theme each week. The theme on Tuesday, July 3 was “Reading Can Take you Around the World”. “Reading Can Take You to the Stars” is the next theme to be explored.

Jared Kieser with his unique approach to this activity

Seventeen children, ranging in age from pre-k to 5th grade, listened to a story called “Isabella: Girl on the Go” and then participated in games that represented the countries of China, Africa, England, Ireland, and Mexico.

Mrs. Krider explaining to children a game representing African women carrying baskets on their heads

The book “Isabelle: Girl on the Go” was the first book hidden in a book scavenger hunt.(Based on the children’s book series “Book Scavenger” by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman) Each week Mrs. Krider hides a book that represents the following week’s theme, somewhere in the community. The children are given a clue (this can be found on the library’s facebook page) that will lead them to the hidden book. Once they read the book at the book’s hidden location, the children answer a trivia question about the book and bring it to the next week’s reading program to receive a stamp in a reading “passport” and receive a small prize.

Each week children pre-k to 2nd grade read 14 books and children 3rd – 5th grade read for 30 minutes a day to receive a weekly prize.

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