Toulon council talks mailboxes; fuel tanks

By John A. Ballentine

TOULON – Mailboxes within Toulon have been focused upon recently over the past several months due to complaints received by the City. Complaints by residents include that neighbors are placing their mailboxes on another resident’s property. Many of the mailboxes are on City property, but there are some on private property and therein lies the conflict.

According to City Attorney Carol Perkins, the City can request that residents first gain permission from the City to place a mailbox on City property. Perkins said, “You [the City] can’t really take down the mailboxes, but because they would be located on City property, you certainly can request that the mailboxes be moved off of City property.”

Mayor Larry Hollis stated, “If you want to put up a mailbox on City property, you have to fill out an application, approved by the City council. I don’t know if we really need to rewrite the ordinance, but we can enforce the present ordinance. Houses that already have mailboxes are all ‘Grandfathered’ in when they wrote the ordinance, in 1976. Any residence built after that would fall under the ordinance.”

If a resident receives City permission to place a mailbox on City property, that resident – if their mailbox is across the street – must gain permission from the resident located there, as well. If permission is not received from the City, a resident could be fined up to $500, per the ordinance language.

Fuel tank quotes and leases were discussed by the City council to have a fuel tank located on City property. City employee Rob Kamerer reported, “Purtscher’s does not have tanks, they do not charge extra for the fuel. Ag View has a good option, if we took a lease [with them] it would be the pump, the hose and stuff like that. They would maintain the filter, fuel handle and hose.

A double walled tank would be $12 a year. With that, we would have to buy fuel from them. They were three cents a gallon higher than Purtscher’s. But, we can have a fixed price for six months at a time.”

After considerable discussion, the council approved leasing two 500 gallon fuel tanks from Ag View at a cost of $1,537 per year. The tanks will be located at the sewer plant property in approximately two weeks, according to Kamerer.

In other action, the council approved a $500 donation to MSW [Marshall-Stark-Woodford] Projects, of Henry, Illinois, for the Senior Meal program that currently is run in Stark County, at the First United Methodist Church, in Toulon.

Also donated was $500 to the Toulon Christmas Walk program plus $500 toward the purchased of new street lights for Christmas, in Toulon.

Under Tax Increment Financing, the City will write a new agreement for the Toulon business “Lucy Dot’s”, which is relocating to North Washington Street in the near future.

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