Lucy Dot’s relocating

Bakery moving to new location in Toulon in December

Bakery moving to new location in Toulon in December

By John A. Ballentine

Pictured is Lucy Dot’s proprietor Theresa Olmsted who is moving her business to a new Toulon location.

TOULON – Lucy Dot’s Little Bakery Shoppe is on the move after a year and one-half at their Main Street location, in Toulon. Fear not, the move is to a nearby building. Lucy Dot’s will set up “shoppe” at a new location, in Toulon, at 113 North Washington Street, just around the corner.

The building Lucy Dot’s is going to occupy is where Changes Hair salon was located. Or, if one is familiar with the past, where attorney/judge Charles Wilson had his practice.

The News asked proprietor Theresa Olmsted about the move and she explained it is purely for economic reasons.
“Our goal is to stay in Toulon,” Olmsted said. “We had hoped to have the move completed by December.”
With the recent snowstorm, and a few minor glitches, the move may not occur until the first week of December – even possibly by mid-December.

Once the move is complete, Lucy Dot’s will have custom cakes, gourmet cupcakes, a full ice cream bar, cookies, muffins and a whole variety of baked goods ready for purchase.

Lucy Dot’s has been in business since July, 2017, and the hours currently are Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 6:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Sunday noon to 4 p.m. The hours will change with the seasons.

Olmsted is married to Danel and they have four children: Haley 26 years-old, Payton 24 years-old, Chloe 18, and Téa 16. Their granddaughter is Charlotte, who is one-year-old. They reside at Martin’s Lodge on Illinois Route 78, just outside of Stark County. Olmsted grew up in Stark County living in Bradford, Wyoming and Toulon.
Lucy Dot is Theresa’s grandmother’s nickname given to her by farmhands. Her name is Lucille Dorothy.

Olmsted baked goods out of her home for 10 years, then ran the flower shop, in Toulon, before switching back to being a baker. She collects Santa Clauses and has five dachshunds.

Lucy Dot’s phone number is (309) 286-2265.

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