LaFayette board discusses trash and trees

By John A. Ballentine
LaFAYETTE – The LaFayette board of trustees were talking trash at their Monday evening monthly meeting.

One of two agenda items at the meeting was discusion about the weekly trash pick-up that didn’t occur in November. On hand was Bouchez Trash Hauling to answer any questions that arose from that situation.

A number of LaFayette residents had called complaining that their trash had not been picked up during the severe snowstorm that hit the area in November. Between 12 and 14 inches of snow fell at that time along with strong winds that drifted the snow virtually shutting down all services.

Illinois snowplows even became stuck in the deep snow as they attempted to remove the snow from highways. Because of this, no roads were able to be cleared.

The board suggested that residents use common sense to understand why the trash had not been collected for a week afterward. Bouchez was unable to travel at that time until roadways were opened. Once the roads were opened, Bouchez collected trash throughout the area even though it had doubled up from the previous week.

The landfill where trash is hauled was closed during the snowstorm for two days, so there was no place to dump collected trash until it reopened.

“I would like to see restraint and common sense used when they cut [trees to be trimmed]. In other words, if one branch needs cut, cut that one branch – let’s not go up another five feet and cut another branch,” Village President Greg Bartley said to begin the tree trimming discussion.

“We only need around a clearance of 14 feet no matter what. So, they [the contractor] will have to contact me and I would like to talk to them about this,” Bartley continued.

For several months now, tree trimming and bushes that need trimmed back have been on the Village’s agenda. The village board wants to trim back vegetation along the Village’s streets to enable clear passage of vehicles. The project is to be bid out and Bartley believes only two contractors, both from LaFayette, will bid. Those two services are O’Bryant’s and Peterson’s.

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