Parking perplexes council

Wyoming reviewing city parking regulations

By John A. Ballentine
WYOMING – Parking on city property and ordinances regulating such prompted a lengthy discussion by the Wyoming City Council Monday evening. City officials have heard complaints about long-term trailer parking around the streets of Wyoming.

Also, long-term parking near intersections, which block the traffic’s view, is of concern, as well. An ordinance regulating parking within Wyoming has been drafted, but officials have concerns with the stipulations of the ordinance. The council decided to have Wyoming Police Chief Mark James review the ordinance and bring suggestions to the city attorney and council.

Police Chief James also reported that the Wyoming Police Department conducted 25 calls, two assists and one arrest. James additionally reported that a new taser has been purchased with a grant that reduced the cost to the city to approximately $200. |

Water and sewer manager Greg McCauley reported the fuel tank for the generator has been installed and is up and running. He said all systems are functional and that no problems exist.

City Superintendent Joe Kinsella suggested the council accept a bid for a new Kubota diesel, 72-inch deck, lawn mower to replace a three-year-old model mower. The council voted unanimously to accept the bid from Princeville’s German-Bliss Equipment, Inc. to purchase the new mower.

Kinsella also requested that a bid of $1,600 to refurbish the box on the white truck be accepted. It will be sandblasted and repainted.

City Attorney Carol Perkins reported that the status of the water tower is waiting for an analysis for an engineer to complete after information was supplied to him. The city’s water tower has been under scrutiny because an iron-eating bacteria has attacked the riser pipe and the lining of the tower’s tank, leaving them compromised. Once the analysis is returned, the city council will decide the best approach to repairing or alleviating the problem.

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