County hires engineer

Dale Nobel tabbed for part-time role

By John A. Ballentine
TOULON – The Stark County Board of Supervisors have successfully negotiated the compensation for the salary of the incoming part-time county engineer. West Jersey’s Dale Nobel was present at the county board’s finance committee meeting Tuesday evening and met with the committee in a 45-minute closed session to determine his salary.

Terms of the negotiation were not announced after the closed session, but Board Chairman Al Curry stated, “This will be presented during the regular county board meeting,” which is scheduled for next Tuesday evening. Curry added after the meeting, “Dale will work up to 999 hours because IMRF [Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund] counts 1,000 hours as fulltime.”

Also, the finance committee, which is made up of all supervisors, met with Stark County Highway Department officer manager Christine Moore in closed session. Her compensation was presumably negotiated, but again the terms will not be disclosed until next Tuesday’s board meeting.

Curry gave an update on the acquisition of real property, that is, the animal control/impound lot land located near and east of the Stark County High School.

“It’s my understanding that the check has been cashed, there are still … Mr. McGrath is working on the title … I don’t know what the holdup is,” Curry said. “It’s between Gary [Bent] and the City [of Toulon] and as soon as they get the titles so that they are agreeable to us, then we’re good to go.”

Also in attendance at the meeting were the Stark County Township Road Commissioners, who were asked about their expectations and shortcomings in the past that they would like to see rectified with the new county engineer. Those commissioners in attendance were Mike Cox/Essex Township, Chad Allen/Toulon Township, Steve Chesser/Penn Township and Nate Schaffer/Valley Township.

Mike Cox, of Essex Township, stated, “I’ve come to expect so little that I don’t know what I should expect!”

Another commissioner commented, “That sort of sums it up.”

The commissioners also pointed out that they would like to see things done on time and to have an engineer who is receptive, available and accessible. MFT [Motor Fuel Tax] paperwork in the past, the commissioners said, would be submitted by them in December, but not reviewed until March, which was too late to make revisions on time for submission to IDOT.

In addition, they mentioned that they would like to see the highway department run better or supervised better than in the past.

Finally, board member Kari Bush explained that a benefit for Wes Dienst will occur at 4 p.m. Saturday, March 9, at the Orwig Auction Center, in Toulon.

Bush said that Wes was born with Wilson’s disease, which attacks the liver. At age 11, Wes had a successful liver transplant, but now needs another transplant at age 40. Wes is a Stark County native graduating from Stark County High School in 1997. His parents are Sandy and Wayne Dienst, of Toulon.

Wes is married to Jennifer (Koval) and they have three children. Wes is the sole provider for his family, but due to declining health he is unable to work.

Bush stated that Curry and Vice-Chairman Melissa Shipp have graciously agreed to “take a pie in the face” as part of the benefit for Wes. Monetary donations will be accepted in the Wes Dienst Benefit account at Heartland Bank & Trust, or, at the State Bank of Toulon.

To donate a benefit item or help in any way, contact:
Keith Bush at 309-530-0840/ [email protected]; Kari Bush at 309-472-2902/ [email protected]; or Dave McMillen at [email protected]

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