No quorum – no action for LaFayette

By John A. Ballentine
LaFAYETTE – A recurring problem of absenteeism by the Village of LaFayette Board of Trustees has occurred once more. Several times last year a quorum of trustees failed to meet to conduct village business. This past Monday the issue arose again.

Trustees absent were Bethany Peterson, Larry Townsend and Rick Shipman. Present were Clarence Wagher, Chris Smith and Vicki McRell. A quorum is the majority of trustees and in LaFayette’s case that would be four of the six elected trustees.

Village President Greg Bartley stated, “I was wanting to get the snowplow truck undercoated. I also wanted to get a covering for the snowplow. The main thing is getting the snowplow out of the weather. Down the road, I’d like to see about getting a salt spreader for the snowplow.”

Agenda items not acted upon were: Undercoating for the snowplow truck, a covering for the snowplow truck, paying off the hydrant loan, purchasing a chainsaw and accessories, and finally a playground equipment update.

One item on the agenda was paying off the village attorney fees. That has been accomplished by Treasurer Lorrie Woith. The village, according to Bartley, owed attorney David Cover approximately $5,000 for legal services. His bill was paid off last month after many installments.

Treasurer Woith said that she would get an advertisement to the newspaper bidding out the brush removal and tree trimming. This was not accomplished last month after the board approved the bidding process. This project will be accomplished around the village to improve vision along the streets.

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