Courthouse News for 8-30-19

Traffic citations,
Ordinance violations

8-18-19 – Alan S. Edwards – Operate uninsured motor vehicle.
8-19-19 – Unique S. Ingram – Driving 11-14 mph above the speed limit.
8-19-19 – Unique S. Ingram – Unlicensed.
8-19-19 – Unique S. Ingram – Operate uninsured motor vehicle.
8-21-19 – Andrew M. Jay – Driving 15-20 mph above the speed limit.
8-21-19 – Andrew M. Jay – Expired registration.
8-21-19 – Shanitha Tillmon – Illegal Transportation of alcohol.
8-22-19 – Emma L. Price – Improper traffic lane usage.
8-22-19 – Emma L. Price – Improper turn signal.
8-22-19 – Emma L. Price – Illegal transportation of alcohol.
Misdemeanors & Felonies
8-22-19 – Emma L. Price – DUI intoxication/ compound drug.

Incidents &

8-3-19 – A deer-related accident occurred on the North Modena Road approximately one-eighth of a mile north of 1100N. The driver involved was identified as Michelle G. Cozzi-Cosentino, 62, of Wyoming. There were no injuries reported or citations issued but the vehicle sustained estimated damage of over $1,500.
8-18-19 – Alan S. Edwards, 53, Galesburg, was cited for driving an uninsured vehicle.
8-19-19 – Unique E. Ingram, 19, Kewanee, was cited for not having a valid driver’s license, speeding, and driving without vehicle insurance.
8-21-19 – Andrew M. Jay, 22, LaRose, was cited for speeding 73 mph in a 55 zone, and for driving on an expired registration.
8-21-19 – Shanitha Tillmon, 23, Freeport, was ticketed for illegal transportation of alcohol by a driver.
8-22-19 – Emma L. Price, 20, Wyoming, was arrested for improper lane usage, improper signal, illegal transportation of alcohol by a driver, driving under the influence, possession of cannabis, and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was also issued a notice to appear for possession and/or consumption of alcohol by a minor. She posted $100 cash bond and was released with a court date to appear.
8-22-19 – An illegal dumping incident was reported by staff from the West Jersey Township building. The incident remains under investigation.
8-22-19 – April M. Lamb, 27, Toulon, was cited for driving with a cracked windshield.
8-22-19- Justin J. Padilla, 42, Peoria, was arrested for driving without a front vehicle plate, driving on a suspended license, and illegal transportation of alcohol by a driver. he posted $150 cash bond and was released with a court date to appear.
8-23-19- Tiffany A. Britt, 31, Kewanee, was ticketed for driving without vehicle insurance.

Property Transfers
8-19-19 – John W. and Roberta Boarman to Anna L. and Ronald Martin – Wyoming, Fair Acres Sub, Sect 1, Lt 27 – Consideration = $0.00.
8-22-19 – Debra J. and Michael M. Meinders to Jacob Braun – Pt SW1/4 24-12-7. Consideration = $185,500.00.
8-23-19 – William L. Mason to Gerald J. and Karin R. Orwig – Toulon, John Culb West Add’n, Blk 2, Pt Lt 7. Consideration = $ 10,000.00.
8-23-19 – Robert Dean Jackson by P.O.A. to Donald A. and Laura A. Charvat – Pt Assr’s Sub 1/4 35-13-6. Consideration = $18,000.00.
8-23-19 – Marion E. Hall to Jacie N. Hall – Castleton, N1/2, Blk 1. Consideration = $80,000.00.

8-23-19 – Chelsea M. Krans of Camp Grove and Skyler D. Krans of Bradford.

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