LaFayette may have held illegal meeting in March

lafayetteAt Monday’s regular meeting of the LaFayette Village board it was disclosed that the trustees apparently held an illegal private meeting in March to discuss and cast votes on a controversial amendment (No. 420) to ordinance No. 378.
At the regular April meeting, the amendment was voted upon without providing for discussion.  Both the unannounced meeting and the failure to allow discussion appear to violate State law.  Last month’s amended ordinance concerning gardening and farm equipment on Village streets was not discussed at the board meeting.
The board decided Monday, May 7 to contact several tree removal businesses to determine the lowest cost for removing the fallen tree in the Village Park.  This tree and several smaller ones were damaged by the past week’s storms.  Trustee Larry Townsend suggested replanting trees for those lost.
Also discussed by the board was the possibility of increased fees for Village water service and trash removal.  According to President Pro Tem Greg Bartley, “The grant agencies are going to stop giving us (the Village) money, if we don’t show that we can make money on our water system.”  Another reason was to hedge against future repairs of the water system because the current situation leaves the balance each month at zero.
Trash fees may be increased also, but will be a topic of more discussion on next month’s board agenda.  Additionally, the board believes they can save money by investigating other trash service businesses when the current contract with Murphy’s expires.
The board was paid for their service as trustees, Village clerk, and President Pro Tem for the past year.  Each trustee received $20 per meeting attended, Village clerk $480, and Village President Pro Tem earned $900.  Greg Bartley stated, “Robin (Bartley) has done a lot of work on the water tower project since it started – I’m going to donate my pay to the Village clerk.”
Burt Stevens was hired by President Pro tem Bartley as a Village employee for $25 per hour to perform weed control around the Village.

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