New Look

Stark Co. Ambulance changing colors

Pictured is Medic 8 ambulance, stationed presently in Bradford, which has the new color scheme all Stark County Ambulance Service ambulances will look like in the near future.

By John A. Ballentine

BRADFORD – Stark County Ambulance Service, Inc. is in the process of receiving a new look. Seven ambulances in the fleet are going through a process of color change from the traditional white ambulance to a neon green/blue combination. Two of the seven ambulances have already been “wrapped” in the new color scheme, while the remaining five ambulances will take up to three years to complete the process.

Wrapping a vehicle is an alternative to repainting it and costs less money. A “wrap” is basically a decal or vinyl wrap that is applied over the existing paint. But why green and blue for Stark County?

Chief Executive Officer Jim Roesner said, “What I started noticing was colors at night. I especially saw yellow vehicles. I began looking into this and found studies that say that white ambulances are four times more likely to be in accidents, than neon green ones.”

Studies state that yellow gets your attention faster than any other color.


People notice yellow first of all the colors. Even when you are looking straight forward, yellow objects are seen from the corner of one’s eyes more quickly than any other color, even red.

Fire engines are red because of tradition, as well as yellow for school buses. White was the traditional color for ambulances.

Roesner chose the color scheme for his ambulances because blue looked good with the neon green. When seen in the daytime, the neon green appears more yellow at night due to the reflective properties of the wrap that is in a matte finish.

“A study found that unsafe colors are red and white. So, our goal is keeping people safe. We are going to spend money with safety in mind. When the need arises to replace or spend money., our priority is to make that dollar go farther, if possible, with safety in mind.

“We have updated all our cots to be powered to save back injuries. We have installed camera systems in all of our ambulances’ driver’s compartments, which include speed, braking and driver behavior, with immediate feedback to catch all issues, if they occur.

“All of these are with an eye for safety and State mandates that have been in the process. It’s easiest on our budget to do these things voluntarily when the opportunity arises, compared to a deadline set by the State,” Roesner explained.

Currently, the Bradford Ambulance branch and the Wyoming branch have the colored ambulances. So, if a green/blue ambulance is seen on the roads of Stark County, it’s one of the Stark County Ambulance Service’s “new” ambulances.

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