City in better financial position than a year ago

toulonThe Toulon City Council says they’re in a better place than they were a year ago. That’s after reducing the payroll expense by 10% and finally seeing some of the tax revenue come in from the state, according to Mayor Rick Collins.
“We are breathing easier than we were last April, or the year before that,” said Collins.
However, the city is seeking to collect over $13,000 in overdue water bills, many of which are 60 days and over past due. The amount of names continues to be about the same every month, according to Collins.
Water and Sewer Superintendent Shane Milroy asked for a meeting of the water and sewer committee to be scheduled in the next week to discuss the upcoming year’s budget, review charges and fees, receive an update on the reverse osmosis plant, moving a couple fire hydrants and the shut off policy for those who do not pay their bills. Collins said all those items would be on the May agenda.
Also, a Streets and Alleys committee meeting was asked for to discuss the motor fuel tax budget, sidewalks, culverts and other items before they appear on the May agenda as well.
Milroy also reported the city’s insurance company has been good on the R.O. plant’s cost of repairs after a line broke last month. The bill is over $45,000 now, which is all being paid for by the insurance company. Structurally the building will not support ductile iron, so repairs are being done in PVC with shock absorbers to prevent the water hammering problem from occurring again.
The council approved a $250 donation to the Toulon-LaFayette Athletic program to sponsor a baseball team for the upcoming season.
Tabled was an employee policy that was set to begin May 1. The council will review the holidays and days that City Hall is closed, which currently totals 13, before voting on the policy.
Ron Roach of Roach and Family Septic Service and Excavation submitted a T.I.F. request for work done on the property on West Court Street. The request is for over $36,000. No action was taken as it will be given to the new T.I.F. administrator, Teresa Macy, to review.
In other new appointments, several changes were made to the committee assignments (see box), and Richards was reappointed as Police Chief.
A discussion was had on the apparent vacancy in the first ward of the alderman position held by Vicki Hamilton. Hamilton no longer resides in the city, but the council is seeking an official resignation before declaring the seat vacant.
Following the discussion, the meeting was adjourned prior to a vote taking place on the appointments.
City Attorney: Bruce Fehrenbacher
City Engineer: Bruner Cooper & Zuck
Auditor: Douglas W. Irwin & Co.
Water & Sewer Supt.: Shane Milroy
Streets & Alleys Supt.: Mike Richardson
Secretary to the Council: Barbara Cantwell
Chief of Police: Doug Richards
T.I.F. Administrator: Teresa Macy
Water & Sewer Committee: Vicki Hamilton (chair), Rob Finney, Misty Turnbull
Streets & Alleys: Larry Hollis (chair), Hamilton, Don Turnbull
Police: Frank Galleciez (chair), Don Turnbull, Hollis
Parks: Misty Turnbull (chair), Hamilton, Finney
Finance: Finney (chair), Hollis, Galleciez
Cemetery: Don Turnbull (chair), Galleciez, Misty Turnbull

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