Pipes burst twice at Toulon water plant

toulonWater problems at the seven year old reverse osmosis plant have been causing Toulon city officials headaches over the past few weeks.
Shane Milroy, superintendent of the city’s water department, told the council at their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday night that twice now, schedule 80 pipe has split horizontally, flooding the water plant.
The splitting has been due to what is called “water hammering,” a sudden change in pressure when a value quickly closes.
Milroy stated that the city’s insurance company is working with the city and is handling all expenses so far, which include major renovations in the pipe.
A temporary solution has been put in place to get the R.O. system up and going in the meanwhile.
“Ductile iron is the long term solution,” said Mayor Rick Collins. Milroy also stated a shock absorber would solve the problem.
Fortunately, the system is setup to call Milroy or another city employee in the event of a problem, like the previous two leaks, within five minutes.
In other business, the city is scheduling a T.I.F. meeting for April 2 at 7 p.m. at the Toulon firehouse. All taxing bodies, such as the school, county, library, and township will be invited so that they too can have input on how to spend T.I.F. money for the upcoming year. The Toulon Chamber of Commerce will also be in attendance.
The agenda had no items of unfinished business or new business, but the mayor did state he will put out a few more notices on delinquent properties. He also said the city will be looking for someone to fill the soon to be vacant seat in Ward 1 of Vicki Hamilton, who has moved to Kewanee.

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