Stark County Ambulance now a Critical Care Paramedic service

ambulance-logoStark County Ambulance is pleased to announce the recent upgrade of their service to Critical Care Paramedic, the highest level of care available in the state. The amazing process to progress the service from the Basic level (the lowest license level for transport ambulances) to Critical Care Paramedic has occurred in just 18 short months.

“I am proud of the advancements we have been able to accomplish to provide this level of care to the communities we serve,” said the Director and CEO of Stark County Ambulance, James Roesner.

“This would not have been possible without the support of our current volunteer and full-time staff. Their unwavering drive and commitment to providing progressive pre-hospital care has manifested in this accomplishment.”

A Critical Care Paramedic service level enables Stark County Ambulance to perform even more life saving procedures and deliver more medications than ever before.

“Our staff, made up of men and women from our communities, has taken on the immense task of training and perfecting their skills to provide this unique and critical service,” said Roesner. “Too often communities opt for basic emergency medical services and rely on others for advanced help. Now, we are that help and can facilitate every level of pre-hospital care.”

Already the service was one of the most advanced rural services in the state with the advanced cardiac life support and cutting-edge technology. Now with the Critical Care Paramedic level of care, Stark County Ambulance is truly in a class of their own.

No matter what the situation, patients already at a medical facility can now request Stark County Ambulance for any type of transfer service. From routine schedule outpatient trips to critical care transports to specialized hospitals, Stark County Ambulance is available 24/7 to assist the surrounding communities.

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