Wyoming Council article clarification on donation to Fall Festival

wyoming Wyoming City Alderman Dan Hardman requested that a clarification be made regarding one of the items in the article regarding the April Wyoming City Council meeting.  In the article, it was stated that Rich St. John reported on the progress of the Morel Mushroom festival to be held the first weekend in May and asked the city to consider making a donation to the event as they do for the Fall Festival.  
Alderman Hardman clarified that the council has not made a monetary donation to the Wyoming stop of the Fall Festival in the past.  The city has assisted at Thomas Park by providing barricades, extra patrols and assistance with the garbage.  Peggy Gray, chairperson for the Wyoming stop has never requested a donation from the city.  She in fact holds

fundraisers to pay for any expenses that are incurred for bringing in activities to ensure everybody enjoys the weekend.  After the conclusion of the event each year, Gray has been able to actually give the city money to help with the cost of the electricity that is used during the event. 
While the city has made monetary donations to other events, the Fall Festival is not one of them. 

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