Straight line winds make a path through county

storm1Just over a month after experience record rainfall, residents from Wyoming to Bradford and everywhere in between have to once again clean up after Mother Nature.

At 8:34 p.m. on Monday afternoon, a quickly strengthening system entered Stark County from the southwest. According to radar images, a slight rotation was occurring within the rain wrapped system. It was at that time that local officials prompted the National Weather Service to issue the first severe thunderstorm warning.

The first wave produced about dime sized hail and minor damage despite its torrential rainfall. It was the second wave an hour later that did the most damage.

Just after 9 p.m. the second warning was issued and the punch that it packed was dangerous to say the least.

Widespread damaged occurred from Sharkey Highway, to the north end of Wyoming, to Castleton, and on into Bradford.



Addison Ryan lost two bins, both completely folded in half, and a shed in rural Toulon off of Sharkey Highway.

In Wyoming, Marvin Potter lost two sheds that were flattened. Trees were torn apart and thrown across the yard. Metal from the shed roof littered 7th Street.

David Klumpp lost a machine shed and barn near Castleton, as did several others in that area.

In Bradford, East Main Street from Route 40 to Enterprise looked like a spider web of wires and trees. Massive trees were entangled so much that crews had to wait until morning to attempt to move them. That meant the road remained closed throughout the night.

Silver Street in Bradford was also hit hard. But volunteers and firefighters worked tirelessly to clear a path.

Michlig Ag on the south side of Bradford looks like a scrap yard. Grain legs tangled and a dryer on its side. The roof was torn off the storage sheds as well.

Stark County ESDA and the National Weather Service in Lincoln both confirm that the damage done was from straight-line winds and not a tornado.

“Nowhere in our initial assessment are we seeing the type of damage associated with a tornado,” said ESDA Director Jason Musselman. “We are looking for flattened grass, debris patterns and other indicators of a tornado that thankfully aren’t there. Everything is in one direction – northeast.”

Winds are estimated to have exceeded 50 mph as the storm blew through leaving a path of destruction.

As of daybreak on Tuesday morning, Castleton and Bradford still did not have power, but service crews were in both communities. The Red Cross was dispatched to Bradford to supply fresh water. Bradford had experienced a water main break Monday morning and was already under a boil order.

Wyoming Fire Department had cleared most roads in their town by 10 p.m. LaFayette and Toulon were relatively unscathed. Overnight, Wallace Highway heading south out of Toulon was still closed, as was Castleton Road (1400E) at 745N. Route 78 was closed because of a downed tree at the south county line, but opened just before 2 a.m.

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