County Watch—Gary and deer herding; Barry and squirrels; party

county watchThe News had reports of huge herds of deer in the Modena area, so I thought I’d try to get a photograph of the phenomenon. I called Gary Hulin, who lives north of the village, for more information.
“Two weeks ago, they herded in great numbers,” said Gary, “but now not so much.”
“I saw as many as 110 at one time, spread across three corn fields,” Gary noted. “The usual number was 75-85 or so, with 8 to 10 does for every buck.”
Gary went on to observe that by the end of January most of the bucks have dropped their sheds (antlers). People go out looking for the sheds.
I know that wood turner Howard Adams of Toulon uses deer antlers in his exquisite writing pens, which are available for purchase at The Gerber’s Daisy flower shop in Toulon. The hand-crafted pens make terrific gifts. I’m taking a dozen with me to Shanghai in May, as gifts for my Chinese hosts.

Barry Taylor stopped in The News this past week to tell us a little story.  The older car he drives around from time to time was sounding funny when he started it this winter. Then later it would not start at all, so he just parked the car to wait for warmer weather to deal with it. 
This past week he opened the hood and found a very well-made squirrel’s nest!  And in it were four baby squirrels.  Barry is sure he drove it with the nest and squirrels in there.  Anyway he shut the hood and is going to let the baby squirrels grow. 

I gave a party last week—and nobody came. 

But I don’t blame people. There was no need to come out on a chilly evening, as I’ll explain.
I thought maybe some folks might like to gather on election evening to watch the returns come in, piped electronically from the courthouse by Jason Musselman to the News Room Bistro.
But of course the same transmission of votes was going simultaneously onto the countyenews website, so people could see the returns in the comfort of their homes.
I have given other parties to which nobody came.
Back in 1972, I was running for lieutenant governor. At the time, I was sharing an apartment in Chicago in a high-rise designed by famous architect Mies van der Rohe.
I came up with the brilliant idea that my campaign should throw a no-charge reception for the airline stewardesses and stewards in the Chicago area, as a way of enlisting young people in our campaign.
We had a stewardess friend who wanted to help. She put flyers announcing the reception out on the flight boards for all the airlines. At the time, there were 10,000 stewardesses flying out of O’Hare.
Several of my male friends thought this would be a great way to meet attractive young ladies, so they volunteered to help.
Since the apartment was small, we even had another apartment in the building ready to handle the overflow. We had enough beer and booze on hand to float the Queen Mary III.
We were ready.
But nobody showed.
Seeing that the party was a disaster, Tom Madsen of Kewanee, the press guy for the campaign, bolted early, saying he was going down to a popular nearby pizzeria.
Some minutes later, the rest of us disappointed fellows decided to join Tom.
When we reached the elevator on our 26th floor, we looked at the sign for our party, which directed people to our apartment.
Where the printed sign said, near the bottom, “Hosted by Jim Nowlan,” Tom Madsen had crossed out “Hosted” and written above it, “Attended by Jim Nowlan.”
Oh, well, you can’t win’em all.

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