Bradford conducts special and monthly meetings

The Bradford Village board of trustees held a Special Joint Review Board meeting of the TIF district bradfordMonday evening at village hall prior to the regular board meeting, which was held in lieu of September’s meeting.
During the special meeting, Steven Kline of the Bloomington based Economic Development Group, LTD spoke to the board in a review of the Tax Increment Fund for fiscal year 2014, beginning May 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014.



In the annual report, Kline pointed out a beginning balance of $80,129 and a received income from real estate taxes of $83,123 in the account.  Expenditures equaled $50,296.
The total amount available in the TIF fund during FY2014 was $163,408.  To view a summary report of the TIF district fund, contact Village Hall in Bradford.
At the regular board meeting held, Jerry Wilson, owner of JDZ asked the board about the TIF grant provisions he is involved with.  The focus is upon Wilson’s cleanup of his property south of Main Street and the former location of his business, JDZ.
The board informed Wilson of the guidelines the TIF agreement calls for and what he has left to accomplish on the cleanup of that property in order to be compliant.
An agenda item tabled was the vacating of a road for the Green Gables construction project.  Before vacating can be approved, a 15 day notice to the public and adjacent property owner is required by law.  The notification to the public will be forthcoming soon.
Heavy trash pickup has been scheduled from September 28 through October 3, this year.  The board has imposed a $10 per person fee upon the service and anyone requiring the service may prepay the fee at Village Hall.
Water bills are set to increase $3.18 from the flat rate of $67.82 to $71, which includes all services of trash, recycle, water and sewer.
The controller for the water tower level is not fully functional and requires a replacement, according to Maintenance Supervisor James Chadwick.  He stated that the Britton Company could install a new wireless controller that would also tie into the Reverse Osmosis plant, as well, for less than $5,000.
The board could not act on this non-agenda item, but authorized the acquisition of a new controller by using the purchasing agreement.
A new police vehicle has been ordered and will cost approximately $23,000 with the trade-in of other vehicles.
Under Ordinances, the village swimming pool ordinance regulating private pools was amended, but the board provided no formal details of this amendment during the meeting.
In addition, Acting Village President Henry Waldinger stated, “While the bar owners are here, we want to stress to you that about this agreement where no liquor is allowed outside if you didn’t apply for the special license.  The fine for the person coming outside with a drink is $500 and the bar owner will be fined $1,000.  So, it is in your best interest to make sure people don’t come out.  That’s at all times, whether it’s a special thing or not.”
On August 18 at a Special Board meeting under Liquor Licenses, the board had set the fine at $25 per occurrence. This was for both the patron and the establishment owner who violated the special liquor license by bringing open alcoholic drinks outside during the Labor Day celebration.
The News contacted Waldinger and asked for a clarification to these two conflicting sets of fines.  Waldinger explained, “Since we already have the ordinance in place that calls for the $500 and $1,000 fines, we decided to go with it.  The $25 fines was just a suggestion for the Labor Day event.”
The board approved transferring $500 from the general fund to the Labor Day fund.  The board encourages everyone to support this year’s Labor Day event this coming weekend by attending.
Management of the village’s website was relinquished by Kathy Stiltz and Robin Lindner will be taking over her responsibilities.
In other action, the board approved an $88 reimbursement to Trustee Shaun Stiltz for printer ink, and also changes of names in the Green Gables TIF contract.
The meeting was adjourned with no other agenda items to be brought before the board.

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