Bradford village meetings rescheduled for 2015



The board of trustees for the Village of Bradford discussed and decided to change the day of the village monthly meetings for 2015.  Beginning with January, each village meeting will now be conducted on the second Monday of the month at 7 p.m.
Previously, the first Monday of the month was the scheduled day for the village meeting.

 The reason was to allow committees more time to prepare their reports and recommendations to the full board of trustees.
Insurance coverages on the mini-truck, street sweeper and a generator were dropped by the board.  It was decided these pieces of equipment no longer needed any insurance coverage.
The Tax increment Fund amendment for the TIF agreement with Jerry Wilson, owner of JDZ restaurant and bar, was given to Wilson to review and either accept or reject.  The amendment changes the end date of the agreement from 2018 to 2016, with other non-specified changes.
A plow at the cost of $5,100 for the blue truck was approved to be purchased in order to make it operational again.
In the only other action, the board went into Executive Session to discuss raises and Christmas bonuses.  Returning to the regular meeting, the board agreed to give all village employees a $100 Christmas bonus.
Also, the village treasurer, Julie Gage, will receive a salary adjustment of an additional $1 per hour, with all other employees remaining at their current salary rate.
The village continues to seek a village clerk who will replace the retiring Joanne Holman.  The starting salary will equal $10 per hour.
An action on the village liquor license update and also on the nuisance concerning motor homes were tabled and sent back to the respective committees for further review.
The meeting was then adjourned with no further agenda items to be acted upon.
Bradford’s Christmas Walk is scheduled to occur this Saturday, December 6, beginning at 4 p.m.  A list of times and activities may be viewed at the village hall building.

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