Wyoming Council hears Coffee Bar plans


The Wyoming City Council was asked at its December meeting to consider a TIF application for a new business that plans on opening up in downtown Wyoming this spring.
Melissa Nagode, Stacy Unhold and Sheila Rumbold discussed their plan to open a business called One Eleven Coffee in the former Pour House and Rebel Inn locations.  The trio told the council they will be buying the buildings at 111 and 113 North Seventh Street and plan on doing some extensive remodeling.  They will actually only use a portion of the 113 location and others have expressed interest in opening a business in the portion they won’t be using.

 They say they are going for a hip coffee bar atmosphere and will include evening hours that will give area youth a local place to go.  According to Rumbold, they hope to employ as many high school and college age students that business allows for.  She said it will give the young people job experience for when they may apply for jobs while at college in bigger towns.
Plans are being developed for the coffee shop including what types of food will be served and a possible drive-thru.  They hope to be open in April.  The TIF committee will meet to review what TIF funds would be available to assist with the project.        
Nagode was also at the meeting on behalf of the Stark County Elementary School Parents’ Club to request a donation.  The parents club is in the process of planning their 4th annual dinner and auction fundraiser.  The council voted to donate $500 as they have in past years.
Denny Rewerts from the Stark County Economic Development Partnership said that he has been working with three businesses that have expressed interest in opening downtown.  He said some of the interest is related to the coffee shop that will be opening.
John Leezer from the Leezer Insurance Agency went over renewal information and premiums with the council for the city’s various policies.  The annual premium will be $49,330 which is about a 5% increase from last year’s premium.  The increase is due to rate increases, an increased budget and increased values on buildings.  The council asked Leezer to look into increasing the coverage of the marquee at the Paramount from $25,000 to $40,000. 
Upon the recommendation of city engineer Justin Reeise from the Farnsworth Group, the city voted to make a final payment of $26,065 to Bear Boring in relation to the bar screen project for the sewage treatment plant. 
City superintendent Joe Kinsella presented a quote on a used Road Drag from Bonnell in the amount of $5640.  After some discussion the council voted to purchase the equipment.
Police Chief Steve Sloan reported that the department had 46 calls and two arrests in the past month.  Alderman Rosemary Knowles said that she had people mention there has been a number of coyotes in the city recently.  Sloan will contact the conservation officer to see if he has any suggestions.
At the end of the meeting the council voted to give Christmas bonuses of $250 to all full time employees and Kathy Carter.  Part-time employees will receive $125. 
Alderman John Carroll of the Second Ward was absent. 

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