Work to begin on new SuperValu Toulon by May 1

wyomingWork on the new Toulon grocery store is expected to begin by May 1, according to Toulon businessmen John Leezer and Doug Parrott.
“The store is going to be built,” declares Parrott, “and Skip (Ron) Turnbull is going to build it, and Chad Patel is going to run it.”

 Leezer and Parrott are key members of the building committee of Stark County Ventures, LLC, which owned the former store that was demolished by fire last summer.
The two men estimate that the new $400,000 store should be open by Fall.
The project is being financed jointly by Stark County Ventures, which is a group of mostly local investors, and with significant support from the City of Toulon.
The store will be about 1,000 square feet larger, through lengthening of the store footprint, than the previous 3,200 square foot building.
Skip Turnbull of Toulon will be the general contractor. He will use as many local subcontractors as are willing and able to do their respective building trades work.
“During the past year, it seems like we ran into roadblocks and red tape every time we turned around,” said Leezer, “but most of them are now resolved.”
Stark County Ventures is technically a for-profit-corporation, though none of the investors ever expect to see any profit from their community betterment projects.
“We encourage additional people to join investors (about 80 at present) by purchasing shares at $500 each in our efforts to strengthen our communities,” said Parrott.
Chad Patel operates SuperValu Wyoming and also managed the store in Toulon, as well, prior to the fire last year. He is generally considered by Wyoming and Toulon residents to operate very good stores.
Members of the building committee who have been shepherding the Toulon grocery store project include Bob Mueller, Gordon Whittaker, Fulvio Zerla, Dave Wilson, Jack Riley, Rob Finney, Phil Albertson, Skip Turnbull, Robin Nowlan and Barry Taylor.

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