Parking restrictions now on Franklin in Toulon hope to reduce bottlenecks


On Monday night the Toulon City Council approved paying off carry over days given to employees from the former administration. The policy only applied to two employees, Barb Cantwell and Mike Richardson, who were given 20 days vacation to use at their discretion, instead of allowing days to build each year, by former Mayor Rick Collins.
Richardson had all 20 days unused and Cantwell had approximately 18 days remaining. Both will be paid for those days, like other employees had previously been when they either retired or left.

 The city’s engineering firm, Farnsworth Group, presented two different items. The first was a list of water treatment plant improvements that the city is looking at for the future.
The current system was installed in 2005 and lacks the supply capacity needed and a redundant power supply. Farnsworth is researching options and preliminary costs. A new water tower would mean about a 22% water bill increase; a new treatment membrane, a 5% increase; and a generator, a 2% bump. No action was taken, but the city acknowledged this sort of planning must be done now for things to happen in the next 3-4 years.
There are new parking restrictions on Franklin Street which hope to eliminate the narrow lanes caused by parking on both sides of the street. Parking will only be allowed on the west side from Prairie to Jefferson on S. Franklin, and from Vine to Clinton on N. Franklin. Parking on the east side of those locations will not be allowed.
Finally, the city took no action on the TIF agreement with the grocery store LLC, since not everyone had the chance to review the item. The LLC group was expected to meet this week and review the document and then proceed with asking approval from the city.

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