LaFayette village schedules clean-up day; sidewalk repair




The LaFayette village board of trustees held a three item agenda meeting Monday to discuss the village’s clean-up day, sidewalk repair and an ordinance issue.
LaFayette’s clean-up day is scheduled for Friday, May 22 this year for all residents.  According to the board of trustees, large items such as sofas, may require an extra fee.  Otherwise many items may be placed out for collection.

 Exceptions to this are no electronics, tires, construction material, liquid paint, yard waste, batteries or any hazardous material.  Contact the board of trustees or village president for any questions.
The sidewalk at the Post Office is to be repaired or replaced due to deterioration of the present one.  Village President Greg Bartley will be contacting local individuals seeking someone to complete the project.
Discussion occurred concerning the enforcement of a local ordinance covering nuisances, such as unmown grass or trash piled up in yards.
Trustee Larry Townsend requested that offending residents be sent a copy of the ordinance that stipulates the nuisance and fine.
President Bartley stated, “I’m not mailing out ordinances to the offending people.  They’ll be given a warning letter and if they don’t comply, then I’ll contact the (village) attorney and the attorney will take care of it.”
Bartley continued, “It has to go through the court system – you can’t just randomly fine people.”
Townsend asked if everyone would be taken to court who did not comply, to which Bartley replied, “Oh! But we will.  That’s why we’re sending those letters out.
“You’ve got to understand we can only afford so much (to take people to court), we do have a major case going on here (in reference to the Brown legal case concerning a farming nuisance within village limits).”
In an open discussion period available for village citizens’ questions or concerns, Dean Rosebeck informed President Bartley, “On the water shutoff and turn-on, I just as soon you found someone else to do that.”
Bartley asked why Rosebeck was resigning from the position, to which Rosebeck said, “I’ve just been doing it forever and it’s time somebody else did it.”
Trustee Jeff O’Bryant volunteered to pick up Rosebeck’s duties with the water department after Rosebeck indicated that he did not want to be involved with any aspect of the village’s water system.
The meeting adjourned with no further business to be discussed.

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