Toulon parking ban changes


The parking ban that caused an uproar at the May Toulon City Council meeting has changed. Parking will continue to be banned on the east side of South Franklin from Jefferson to Prairie, but on North Franklin the ban will be on the west side, not the east now, from Vine to Clinton.

In May, citizens along North Franklin complained about not knowing about the ban prior to its approval. Mayor Larry Hollis stated he would watch the situation over the next month and he reported Monday night that there was no parking on the west side by residents and he asked the council to make the change. Council member Donna Lefler voted no.

 Hollis read a resignation letter from former Toulon Police Chief Mark Olszewski saying, “I regretfully inform you that I will be resigning May 28… this is solely due to the Mayor eliminating the chief of police position and the drastic cut in pay.”
Hollis went on to explain that he reviewed the police manual and there never has been a position of police chief, only officers. Council members asked about previously appointed chiefs to which Hollis said they may have been called that, but there technically is no position.
He added, “I may have been misquoted, but I’m not going to be the Police Chief.”
In other business, the council approved expenses not to exceed $5,000 for a sewer line in the Musselman addition. Piping and materials are estimated to cost $1,645 plus labor and sand. Public works superintendent Mike Richardson also reported the reverse osmosis water treatment system went down Sunday with the power surge, but went back online Monday after the system was reprogrammed. A dropbox collapse on Miller and Prairie will also be repaired.
The city has decided to not be a collector of electronics for recycling. The council was considering a low cost tag that would help defray the costs of $0.35 per pound for the city to recycle electronics. However, citizens can take their used equipment for free to Eagle Enterprise in Galva thanks to a state law requiring them to accept it. The city is attempting to combat illegal dumping of electronics at the city dumpster. The council will consider a security camera system at the July meeting.
The city will also consider in July an accident indemnity plan for the three full-time employees. Cody Hamilton of Aflac was present to explain such a plan would cost $6.12 per employee per week and would pay cash for accidents of any kind. A payroll deduction for other plans, such as a cancer plan, is also available.
Finally the city approved two bids for motor fuel tax work on city streets. One bid of $41,960 for spray patching from Ace in the Hole was accepted and another for $32,033 for seal coating from Pavement Maintenance was accepted. Both were the only bids and were together below the estimated costs.
The council did go into executive session at 7:33 p.m. for a legal matter with no action taken.

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