Bradford’s pre-filtration project progresses

Trustees call for less water usage

By John A. Ballentine
[email protected]
The Bradford village board of trustees held their regularly scheduled monthly meeting Monday evening. They acted upon several agenda items.
One of these included the new pre-filtration project. Installation of piping is currently being accomplished by Village maintenance employees at the water treatment plant.
For this work to be accomplished, the inflow of water to the system must be turned off. Maintenance Supervisor Jim Chadwick reported that in order to do that, water is stored in the tower and reservoir tank for the daily water use.
Chadwick’s report said that the stored water is being used at a faster rate than expected and comes somewhat close to being emptied completely.
Therefore, the village trustees are instructing village residents to quit filling their private swimming pools and to cease watering lawns.
If the stored water does run out, the village be subject to boil orders because water would have to be sterilized should both the tower and reservoir be completely drained. Until this project is completed, this procedure of storing water will be occurring during the night for daily use.
A refurbished pump has been installed at the sewer plant, but a second pump has to be replaced. The pump issue is due to unauthorized articles being flushed via toilets into the system. These items damage the pumps where repairs or replacement is necessitated.
Last month the board of trustees called for a stop to the practice of residents flushing clothing, for example blue jeans, and other items not authorized into the sewer system. That practice has been reduced, yet

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