Gunn discharged in resisting arrest court case

By John A. Ballentine
[email protected]
A Toulon man, Joshua K. Gunn, 27, was summarily discharged Friday in Stark County Circuit Court from a case involving resisting arrest by a police official.  Judge Michael P. McCuskey accepted State’s Attorney James D. Owens’ request to “dismiss the case because the State’s witness was on extended medical leave.”Gunn was charged with resisting arrest because he “physically struggled and rolled out of the grasp of” Stark County Sheriff’s Deputy Sergeant Charles R. Demetreon, who responded to a call on April 27, 2014 at Gunn’s apartment in Toulon.  The call initially involved a domestic dispute on that day.
Gunn was to defend himself in court during a bench trial against the count with which he was charged.  He decided to provide his own defense last May after claiming in Circuit Court at that time that his public defender allegedly made personal comments about him to other people that day.

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