New design for countyenews, more articles

Publisher Jason Musselman is pleased to announce a new design for, the online home of The Stark County News.
“Every few years we like to redesign and freshen up our online presence,” said Musselman. “This time we took it a step further and changed everything from the core on up.”
The website will now feature every article that appears in the newspaper; however, not every article will be free.
The articles that appear on the front page of the print version will continue to be free online, but every other article will have what is called a paywall.
“A paywall enables you to view the first 100 words of the article, but it will cost a dime to read the rest,” said Musselman.
This allows our casual readers to select which articles they want to read without having to by an online subscription, which is another option.
For just $20 a year, a reader can choose from one or two different subscription options. The first called e-Edition allows the viewer to see the newspaper exactly as it is in print. The second option is a digital content subscription and it removes the paywall so all articles are viewable.
In addition to those $20 options, readers can continue to subscribe to the print edition and pay advertising bills via the website and a credit card.

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