Former Toulon man violates probation

Bag bandit, Williams, appears in court again

By John A. Ballentine
[email protected]

A former Toulon man, living in Havana, Illinois, appeared in Stark County Circuit Court Friday for a hearing on a petition to revoke his probation.

Joshua Allen Williams, 30, has been incarcerated for 90 days in the Mason County jail for violating his probation there by partaking of illegal drugs.  This additionally violates his Stark County probation.

Williams failed a May 4 drug test by testing positive for morphine, codeine, hydromorphone and heroin, just a little over a month after being sentenced to probation in Stark County.

Oddly, two years ago on May 4, 2013 is when Williams made a failed attempt to rob the State Bank of Toulon by placing a plastic grocery bag over his head (without air-holes) and demanding cash from a teller.  His motive was to pay for his heroin addiction.

In December, 2013 Williams received a TASC (treatment alternative to street crimes) program sentence, which he violated this past January by committing a domestic battery of his mother, in Havana.

For that violation, Williams was sentenced to four years of probation in Stark County, versus a prison term of three to seven years.  Williams could have received more than those years, if circumstances warranted the additional time, for the Class 2 felony.

Unable to post 10% of the $10,000 bond, Williams remains incarcerated in the Stark County jail, where he has been since August 24 after being transported from the Mason County jail.
Robert M. McBride, Stark County public defender, was appointed legal counsel for Williams with a first appearance scheduled Friday, September 4, in Stark County Circuit Court.

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