LaFayette misses grant funds

lafayetteThe village of LaFayette discussed other funding options to have their water tower painted during their regular meeting Monday.
The village was recently notified that a grant application had been denied.  Further applications are possible, but the village may have to fund the whole project through regular financing channels.  Regular financing would cause the village to increase water rates by $6 to $12 per user depending on the financing options.
Not willing to raise water rates, the village wait and work on other grants available in February.
In other business, the village approved the payment of  $5.766 to Chuck Hay Insurance for the annual premium of all the village’s insurance. 
The board also recongized the work that Pyan Peterson did in cleaning up the trees and brush along a village street in exchange for the installation of a culvert near his house.
“Ryan did so much more work because we requested it.  We appreciate his efforts on our behalf,“ said Mayor Peeve.
The next regular meeting will be on December 7 at 6 pm.

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