And the Babe appeared in Milo Township…

It was rumored that there was to be no room at the inn, but inside of Grunloh’s Milo horse barn, an empty stable with waiting manger was found.      
A young Joseph and Mary and a costumed donkey solemnly walked from the tack room straight to the hay covered tableau, taking their places, with all of the dignity of the burgeoning season upon them.    
Purity and faith, hope and peace, shone from young Mary’s face as she retrieved the swaddling babe from the manager, fearing for his safety as more of God’s creatures, costumed as cows, lambs, and even a scentful skunk on a magical night were drawn to this spot from the shining star that shown over Milo and Grunloh’s barn. 


The star was also costumed, high among the highest bale of hay, leading the shepherds to their place in awe of the babe in the manger, shepherds with unusual clothing, wavering staffs and short attention spans.
Three resplendent gift bearing wise men, stiff and sore from riding their camels so many miles, bowed in reverence to the holy babe, swaddled and cradled in Mary’s protective and loving arms.
The angel hovered silently, wings still supporting after another year of growth, still beautiful.  …some day on a resume, “I was the angel…”
Different on this night in Milo from the original cast and appearance, was the audience, coated, some with hats, and more still with cameras, seated on bleachers of hay bales.  All adoring the children of Boyds Grove Methodist Church Christmas Pageant.
It was magnificent.  It should have been televised.  It was inspirational.  
Start the season, the real Reason for the Season.

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