Board honors Deibner

countyStark County board members saluted SCHS senior Wes Deibner for being chosen to the IMEA All-State Honors Choir, at the start of their regular meeting Monday. Deibner will be performing in the state choir concert in January.
The board held a truth in taxation hearing due to an over 5 percent increase from last year’s levy.   The total amount levied is $3,949,967.  School District residents should not see in increase in the tax rate from last year.  The increase is due to assessed valuation of farmland increasing from last year.  The levy was approved by the board later in the regular meeting.
Bids were let for the demolition of the old Wyoming High School Building.   Interested visitors volunteered their assistance to create a memorial to the structure.  The board has already made plans to incorporate elements of the old structure in the development of the new and invited the interested parties to the next building committee meeting to discuss ideas in more detail.
The board approved the submission of a memorandum of understanding required for the federal Race to the Top grants.  This is a preliminary step to apply for the grants. The board is hesitant to commit to the grants as they are unsure what demands will be required of them and at this time no detail is forthcoming.   The board agreed to wait and see if they can get more information to make a final decision.
The board approved moving their internet connection from a T-1 to each building to a Mediacom connection upon verification that the cable company can keep up with their demand.  The connection contract will run for five years.
The board also approved the establishment of a fourth and fifth grade student basketball program subject to the availability of facilities and following board guidelines.
The board approved the resignation of Sharon Villati as route driver and Dusty Day as Assistant Speech Coach; the hiring of Tony Brewster at 9th grade boys Basketball coach; Harold Jones as part-time guidance counselor; Jenny Joos as ELL aide at the Junior high; and Michelle Schisler as bus route driver; and the assignment of Patty Wilkinson at the High school building technology coordinator and Tina Howard, Student Council sponsor at the high school.  The board also approved an increase in the pay rate for substitute registered nurses to $13 an hour.
The next regular board meeting will be on January 18 at 7 pm.

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